Friday, February 28, 2003

This past January, the Santa Fe-based Lannan Foundation recently awarded Arundhati Roy the Lannan Prize for Cultural Freedom. Arundhati decided to spread out the $350,000 prize money among 50 different Indian organizations, which is a wonderful gesture of support and solidarity with the struggle for the soul of India which is under threat from the twin evils of neoliberalism and fundamentalism.

Here's a link to the Lannan Foundation web site where you'll be able to find a copy of Arundhati's acceptance speech and the full length of her speech "Come September": Lannan Foundation.

A danger to the Republic

Norman Mailer lays out the danger to the Republic, as the Bush Administration steps ever closer towards Empire.

Doesn't also Bush's approaching dismissal of the UN as irrelevant smack of the Emperor's dissolution of the Imperial Senate at the beginning of Star Wars? The parallels are getting stronger!

Gem of the day: a career US diplomat's letter of resignation to Colin Powell.

Kiesling really puts himself on the line for what he sees as his patriotic duty to oppose the Bush administration's drive towards war and occupation of Iraq:


This is the first post to the cethirien journals, and as such, I am submitting a link to a rather apocalyptic article by Michael Ruppert of From the Wilderness fame. Ruppert firmly roots the current worldwide crisis over Iraq in the drying up of new oil sources and the mad scramble to secure the oil in Iraq and Saudi Arabia that constitutes 36% of the world's recoverable oil. heady stuff!

click here for the story: Dis-integration