Saturday, March 06, 2004

Haiti and Venezuela

Many apologies for taking so many months off from updating this blog. Various currents in life have developed their own momentum in the last few months, but perhaps restarting the blog will get me back on track.

However, the more things change, the more they remain the same. This past week we have seen a coup in Haiti, as Jean-Bertrand Aristide was once again driven from the country by US-backed militias and gangs. Haiti seems cursed even worse than other Caribbean and Latin American countries to suffer constantly under the boot heel of the US and its own local murderous elites. Even sadder is that this year, Haiti is marking the 200th anniversary of its successful revolt against French rule and the establishment of the first liberated slave republic.

Of course, the mainstream corporate media has reported only on the despair, chaos, and poverty of Haiti, without any of the context (their racism goes quite far I suppose as does their complicity in the crimes of the administration). Fortunately, these articles [1, 2] from Jeff Sachs have at least shed light on the horrific economic campaign against Aristide.

The US is attempting the same in Venezuela to get rid of another disliked leader, Hugo Chavez [Venezuela Next?, Report from Caracas]. Is would be a deeply depressing story, if it were not for the incredible resistance being mounted against the designs of the super-predator.